Set Your Course by the Stars


The astrological natal chart provides a blueprint of our character, revealing information about our soul expression, gifts, challenges and life lessons.  Through analysis of this blueprint we can see our natural talents, goals, motivations, behavioral patterns and where we get in our own way, impeding our path to progress.

By looking at your birth data through the lens of astrology, Rebecca can help shed insight on your strengths, weaknesses and karmic inheritance.  She can offer guidelines to the individual empowerment, self-awareness and healing.  These things are written in the chart.  Rebecca's intention is to provide supportive guidance through the use of astrological archetypes. 

The key to our personal power lies in knowing ourselves.  Armed with this knowledge, we can move more freely through life toward our purpose, joy and destiny. 



Rebecca has been engaged in esoteric studies for over 15 years.  Beyond astrology her interests include tarot, meditation, energy work, yoga and crystal healing.  Rebecca is a certified Reiki Master and has been an active practitioner since 2007.  It is her great passion to provide energetic and healing support through esoteric means, working with others who seek to unfold in their journey through life.  

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