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Readings, Treatments and Tutoring

Natal Chart Reading - 1 hour reading  

Know thyself.   Understanding underlying motivations and influences in your natal can have a great effect on how you move through life.  We will look at your natural talents, strengths, potential and what’s holding you back.  What are your values and how can you achieve them?  In this reading we will discuss karmic inheritance and your life’s lessons, helping you understand your soul’s purpose and how to fulfill it.

**One hour natal chart readings are priced at $152.00

Understanding Your Child - 1 hour reading

As every parent knows, children come into this world with their own characters.  How can you better understand your child and their needs and motivations?  How can you nurture, support and provide guidance for this new little person that’s come into your world?  In this reading we’ll take a look at the child’s natal chart and discuss how to face challenges, foster natural talents and find what your child needs to flourish and be happy. 

**Children’s chart one hour readings are priced at $152.00

The Upcoming Year - 1 hour reading

This reading includes a look at Solar Returns and Transits for the next 12 months.  We’ll be able to look at the coming influences and opportunities that exist ahead.  Will there be changes in home, relationship, career or personal growth?  How can you maximize potential and shift your perspective to embrace the upcoming year?  We’ll take a look at planetary trends and cycles in relationship to your natal chart and discuss areas of focus and activity. 

**One hour predictive readings are priced at $152.00

Combined Tarot and Natal Chart – 1 hour reading

In this reading we’ll spend ½ hour reviewing the natal chart to understand the basic elements influencing your desires, motivations and what could be blocking your progress.  The following ½ hour tarot reading will provide us with an immediate look at the situation that’s on your mind.  Tarot and astrology work well as complementary techniques to paint a vivid picture of what’s on the table, what’s in the works and how best to approach it. 

**One hour combination tarot and natal chart readings are priced at $152.00

Relationship/Compatibility - 1 hour reading

There are many types of relationship:  sibling, parental, business, romantic.  How are you and the people in your life working together or working against one another?  What can you learn from each other?  How can you resolve issues?  This reading entails combining two natal charts through synastry and composite to examine the relationship and all its working parts. 

**Relationship readings, which require the examination and interrelation of several charts, are priced at $251.00

Tarot – ½ hour reading

Sometimes we are just not sure how to move ahead.  This reading can break down a seemingly complicated scenario into nuts and bolts.  Tarot reveals the fundamental parts of a situation, so you can clearly see what you’re working with and what might be up ahead.  The symbolism found in the cards lends insight to the bigger picture and brings the truth of every situation to the fore.

**1/2 hour tarot readings are priced at $44.00

Reiki - 1 hour session

Reiki sessions will be specifically catered to you.  We will take some time before the session begins to assess your specific needs through chart examination and dialogue.  I use essential oils and crystals to work with your energetic fields, helping release and balance what may be in need of adjustment.  Distance treatments and space clearings are also available.

**Reiki sessions are priced at $89.00 per hour

Astrology Tutoring – 1 or 2 hour sessions

Tutoring starts wherever you are in your understanding of astrology.  Working together, we can start with the fundamental concepts of mode and element or dig into Ptolemy’s Essential Dignities. We can work on traditional predictive techniques like profections or delve into modern karmic analysis through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology.  Classes will be structured according to your own personal objectives.

**Tutoring is priced at $35.00/hr