Rebecca has been engaged in esoteric studies for over 15 years.  Beyond astrology her interests include tarot, meditation, energy work, yoga and crystal healing.  Rebecca is a certified Reiki Master and has been an active practitioner since 2007.  It is her great passion to provide energetic and healing support, assisting others who seek to unfold in their journey through life. 



Astrological Studies:

·       Kepler College Professional Diploma in Astrology

·       Kepler College Certification: Fundamentals of Natal Astrology     

·       Kepler College Certification: Movement in Natal Astrology                    

·       Los Angeles Astrology School:  Certification in Advanced Astrology

Tarot Coursework:

·       Intensive Kabbalistic Tarot with Krista Schwimmer

·       Los Angeles Astrology School with Dr. Craig Martin

·       Biddy Tarot Continuing Studies

·       The Major Arcana with Davida Rapport

·       Voxx Tarot

Additional Studies:

·       Pluto School of Evolutionary Astrology with Mark Jones

·       Sher Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics

·       Hellenistic Astrology Course, The Astrology School


·       Usui Reiki Master Certificate with Mark Pius Charlton


·       Organization for Professional Astrologers