“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”
— Hermes Tresmegistus

"Rebecca has given me two remarkably insightful readings over the course of two years. The first was covering broad and tricky subject matter, and she was able to hone in on delicate points which cut through to the heart of it all. Her innate grasp of the craft is beautifully telegraphed through her carefully chosen words, while her sharp intellect put my skeptic’s mind at ease. 

Our second reading was a natal chart for my daughter who is entering her teenage years. These are tumultuous years as a parent, and it sometimes feels as though I don’t understand my child at all anymore. Rebecca went deeply into the reading with me in a way which felt at once like she was describing my daughter exactly, and simultaneously lifting the veil which I have never been able to see behind. She gave me insight which was practical, and I very much appreciate that. Rebecca is gifted with instinctual and deep knowing."

- Emily A.

“Before Rebecca, I hadn’t thought much about astrology. It’s not because I’m skeptical of it.  I’ve always thought it to be very interesting, even though I didn’t think it important enough to learn more about.  It wasn’t a tool I looked to inform my life.

Rebecca has evolved my view on the matter.   I came into Rebecca’s astrological skills as I was transitioning in life. I was a year into retirement from a very stressful occupation. I wanted to shift my pattern of thinking… from linear, to a way that would support and allow for creativity.  And just tonight, while connecting with a friend, I received more evidence to my new direction.

My experience with her revealed a lot about my life, starting from childhood… It explained the patterns and belief systems that lived within.  And how they’ve played out in life.  Rebecca’s ability to guide you through the chart’s meanings is liberating. Clarity is the word that comes to mind when I think of what her readings have revealed for me.

Thank you Rebecca. I appreciate you.”

- Michael C.

"I can't say enough about Rebecca's services.  She is definitely my go-to for astrology readings, tarot readings and astrology/tarot related questions.  Rebecca immediately makes you feel comfortable - like you're just sitting and chatting with an old friend, which is beyond important for something as intimate as an astrology reading.  She's picked up on extremely personal characteristics and life events, offered exceptional guidance and perspective, and delivers priceless insight on whatever it is I'm questioning or going through." 

- Canelle F.

"I’ve always been intrigued by the analysis of planetary positions, and I have seen many astrologers.  Rebecca sees details that others have not. She has an excellent grasp of the art.  Rebecca has an exceptional ability - pinpointing uncanny personality characteristics.  She can find intricate details and idiosyncrasies in a chart.  She has read composite, synastry and individual charts for me, and done an excellent job on all three counts.  I find I keep coming back to her when I have relationship riddles that I can’t seem to solve myself!"

- R.K. 

"Rebecca has immense insight and intuition!  She is a skilled reader. She really helped me understand myself better, and the unique challenges and crossroads that we are facing in our life.  The one thing that stuck with me was how she saw my chronic health issues with my Pluto in Libra placement (6th house) inconjunct my Taurus ascendant.  To me, that aspect is an easy one to miss. "

- Amanda S.